Ministries and Programs

Care Groups:
On the first Sunday evening of each month, in lieu of the evening service, our church divides into smaller groups that meet in the people’s homes.
S.O.A.R. Youth Group:
Sold Out And Radical meets every Wednesday night at 7pm. Our youth have praise and worship with the SOAR Youth Band and powerful drama by the Zoe Drama Team. Special Events and trips and lots more.
Kids Church:
Kids Church is provided for Sunday and Wednesday services. Children need spiritual nurturing designed just for them. They do not have a miniature Holy Ghost but rather the same Holy Ghost that dwells in adults too. Our KIDS Church is upbeat and dynamic, focused and fun, Word centered and anointed.


Women’s Ministries:
A monthly Ladies’ Only Dinner, “Skirts & Forks”, at a local restaurant is a favorite. (Times and locations vary.) There are other activities too, like, Bible studies, book clubs, coupon classes, cooking and more.
Men’s Group:
On the 2nd Saturday of each month at 8am the men meet for breakfast at a local restaurant; typically Golden Coral 98N.
On the 2nd Tuesday of each month Men gather in the sanctuary for a Men Only Prayer Meeting.


Hands of Mercy Food Pantry:
Every Thursday groceries are distributed to those in need. This service not only helps those in need but also provides wonderful opportunities of ministry. Registration opens at 4:30pm. A service is given at 5pm. Food distribution at approximately 6pm.
Radio Minstry:
WLKF 1430Amz and 96.7Fm
Fridays @ 5pm Ask the Preacher. A “Live” question and answer talk show. Call 863-682-1430.
Sundays @ 9am portions of recorded services are aired.